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We really know beer, homebrewing, and craft beers. Here is some introduction to the captain of Beercandy. It will give you some idea why he is the best person to make Beercandy®.

(Spring 1985) Steve Casselman begins homebrewing. --- I was a new graduate from UCLA in mathematics. It was a little like today with no job to be had. I had an ASEE from Pierce College and a BA in math. Too educated to be a tech ("you will just quit when you find a good job") and not enough experience to be an engineer. I had $60 and I figured that I could either blow it on beer or learn how to make beer. I really like beer. So I learned how to make beer and joined my local home brew club, the Maltose Falcon Homebrewing Society.

(Spring 1986) Steve Casselman is elected President of the Maltose Falcons --- I wanted the club to grow and be an "every person’s" club. It is now very large and the oldest homebrew club in the U.S.

(Summer 1987) Steve Casselman appointed to American Homebrewers Association (AHA) Board of Advisors (BOA). Other people on the BOA were Michael Jackson, George Fix, and Fred Eckhardt. Charlie Papazian ran the BOA meetings and delivered reports on the health of the AHA. The BOA was appointed at that time. I first proposed and pushed to have the positions on the BOA filled by election. I was President of the BOA as the last non-elected member.

(March 1991) Steve Casselman plays at first Southern California Homebrewers Fest (SCHF) and has played at every fest since.

(May 9, 1997) Steve Casselman and others found "The Great Beer Company." It was a challenge to create the recipe for the beer we call "Hollywood Blonde." It is still for sale in southern California.

(February 1999) Steve Casselman develops first batch of Beercandy®, a lollipop made from a Rose de Gambrinus beer. About 20 of my friends in the Maltose Falcons Home Brewing Society were at Lucky Baldwin's first Belgium beer festival. We were passing around some of the more exotic beers. We hit on one so sour I heard someone say "You can't do anything with that beer." “Anything?” I thought. I took that as a personal challenge. At that time sour candies were very popular and I said "I bet you could make candy out of it." I made a lollipop, but found using beer to make hard candy was difficult because the beer affects the chemistry of the candy. I started to experiment with other kinds of candy and I discovered that beer makes great caramels. I like a softer caramel, but they tend to run and lose their shape. I found that by enrobing the soft caramel in chocolate, the caramels would hold their shape. Besides, who doesn't love chocolate?

(June 1999) Steve Casselman wins Best of Show for commercial beer "Hollywood Blonde" at Las Vegas International Beer Competition, beating out beers from Heineken, Becks, Stella Artois and 150 other great beers from across the world.

(July 1999) Steve Casselman wins Best of Show at the 1999 California State Fair Commercial Craft Brewing Competition with "Hollywood Blonde", beating out over 450 other beers made in California.

(August 10, 2009)--- Susie and Steve hand out 400 samples of Beercandy® caramels to be sampled and critiqued by attendees of the American Homebrew Association in Oakland, CA. They get rave reviews. We decide to go for it, and Susie commits herself 100% to making Beercandy Inc. a great company.

(April 20, 2010)--- Beercandy® Inc. is awarded Beercandy® as a registered trademark.

October 28, 2010- The Beercandy® website is finally open for business!


Although Beercandy® contains only trace amounts of alcohol, it is intended for the enjoyment by adults only.

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